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My #littlemermaid chalk art from this afternoon. #easterfun #chalkart

Completely enthralled with #Frozen #anniebananie #myprincess #weareannas

Wine and Gowell’s in my Easter Basket. Hell ya! Thanks @mimi5277 💜💚💖

You may not believe in ghosts or spirits but I do and I have to tell you that if you saw this balloon move gracefully around my room in a circle tonight, you most certainly would know that someone was here in my room who’s should could not move on. This balloon was tied to a wine bottle on my desk by the head of my bed. It has circled the entirety of my room and wedged itself between my mattress and my bed frame at the end of my bed. When I touched it, the balloon pushed up against my palm slowly and stayed connected for a few seconds before pulling back again. I can’t tell you how much this effects me. I’ve been dying for an experience like this for a long time and I finally feel like I might be connecting with the spirit world. If anybody knows a medium, send them my way, please. #balloons #freaky #spirit #neveradullmoment #TheBatesMotel #13C

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Katharine Hepburn in ‘Bringing Up Baby’, 1938.

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Miranda Lambert is not only my #womancrushwednesday but a role model. That girl doesn’t take shit from anybody and that is how I like it. Keep truckin’ girlfriend @mirandalambert #wcw #shescountry