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One more before I fall into a deep, but much too short, slumber. #TheEagles #TDGarden #dreamscometrue

I don’t know what y’all did with your Monday night, but I saw the Eagles. So, I win. #TheEagles #TDGarden

A Friday afternoon in the quad with my boo @thewaitisogre_ #perfectendtotheday

#Day100 of #100happydays I feel it’s appropriate to end this happy day journey with the setting moon. I was amazed this picture even came out correctly and it is so beautiful I just had to share it with my followers. I hope you all find a little bit of happiness in every single day. I’ve loved this Instagram journey/challenge and am happy to have completed it with you all. #100daysofhappy

I miss the beach and @krdoyle07 #summahlovin #beachbums

Back story: So I have this professor named David Allen George. He prefers to be called DAG. So we call him DAG. (none of my professors are called professor whatever their name is. We call them by first name. I love being a theatre major. 

So anyway, someone comes up with their Honors Thesis project. They have created a group where we can go run monologues off each other and get peer feedback and rehearse and have these couple of hours to practice in a setting we don’t always get, especially if we have class during studio time. 

They have named it (drum roll please)

DumbleDAG’s Army. 

I repeat, I love being a theatre major. 

Today, I get two very happy things and @kjader88 is one of them. The past two years haven’t been the easiest or the prettiest for either of us, but I am stronger because of you Kelsey. I love you so much and I am so happy I stole your phone number from D&B because I couldn’t imagine a best friend any better than you. I hope you have the happiest of birthdays even though I can’t be there to celebrate. I’ll have a beer for you tonight! Thanks for all that you do and have an amazing day. #100happydays #100daysofhappy #girlsbestfriend #lookatallthathair

#Day94 of #100happydays is our 2nd table read for #AsBeesinHoneyDrown I am very excited for this fall! #100daysofhappy

#Day92 of #100happydays partying at Country Night with the BAEs. @kjader88 @laurenc02 #100daysofhappy #imissyoualready

I guess I’ll share a diet coke with @laurenc02 if I have too :P

#Day82 of #100happydays “Mind on a permanent vacation. The ocean is my only medication. Wishing my condition ain’t ever gonna go away.” #100daysofhappy #beachbum

#Day81 of #100happydays was the most perfect beach day with this cutie @krdoyle07! We watched pups, drank a ton of cider, listened to some country music and shared many stories yet again. I’m going to miss this bugger when we both return to school. #100daysofhappy #dontleaveme #beachbum #summahlovin #beachdays

Fishing with @kjader88 at midnight. We cool. #fishing #bestfriendsdontaskquestions

This is my favorite picture from last night. #Adrianis21 #adriangetaninstagram #Friends #selfie @daniellerose1213